Do you want to be able to make money through cold calling, but your lack of skills or the gatekeeper is always been standing in your way?

I get it. I had that problem too!

Can you think of anything more discouraging than getting blocked by the gatekeeper or getting shut down by the decision maker?

It`s rough feeling like loser every time someone rejects you on the phone and you feel like banging your head against the way.

Trust me when I say there is nothing more depressing than getting constant rejection. And that`s not the worst part.

Don`t you hate it when you know you have a great product or service but the decision makers don't realise it and then just shut you down. Let`s be honest. It`s overwhelming and soul destroying and you feel like quitting.

Look, I know you`re putting in the effort! It`s not your fault that you're struggling. I experienced the same feelings you are right now. It's just that the majority of cold calling training, always has a missing piece to the puzzle.

They`re full of big promises, but they seem to never give you the ability to cold call effectively. I've had to study and research in depth to find the answers.

Just like you, I was frustrated, but I did something about it and you`re going to love it.

It`s my brand new Cold Calling Course, and it will turn you into an efficient Cold Calling Pro. Sounds too good to be true, I know. But it`s not. Hear me out!

I`m excited to tell you that now you can avoid the bumps and bruises and fast tracking your skills with my new digital training program.

My name is Michael Nguyen and I've been honing my cold calling skills since 2012. Let me start by telling you a little more about myself.

I started in business in June 2012 and referral leads were coming in. Things were great and I started to feel success. The business was growing and clients were happy. 

Things started changing for the worse in 2014. I had trouble in getting the next client / leads. I felt like a failure and had quit the business in my mind many times but decided to give it once last shot.

Cold calling was what I was going to master.

I started immersing myself in studying cold calling. I wasn't sure what attracted me to it, maybe it was the challenge of doing something very hard. I lived and breathed cold calling. My bad cold callers were starting to get better.

It first started with reluctance to pick up the phone, then I felt rejection, then I started having conversations, then qualifying, then selling, then closing a client.

This was the process I went through but there were so many bumps at each process which I had to research and find out for myself.

Then finally on 17th June 2015 I had a break through moment. I had closed a client from cold calling. I did it, that was my breakthrough moment.

This whole journey could have been made easier if I had a coach.

I celebrated by having a plaque made to remind myself what I achieved.

For the last couple of years since starting my digital agency business in 2012, I have been able to gain clients using the power of my voice along side my other lead source. I now gain clients that pay me a regular retainer through cold calling.

And trust me when I say the one thing that has made all the difference for me is learning about all the different types of cold calling approaches. It's about engaging a prospect.

This one tip changed my business from mediocre results to life changing, now I have freedom. And I`m telling you – if you use my strategies, and my cold calling techniques, you will soon experience freedom.

With my new Cold Calling Course, you can start having meaningful sales conversion with my laid out framework.

With just a couple of hours per days training for the next 90 days, you can transform the way you approach and make cold calls that will have drastically change your life and business.

You will experience a breakthrough moment. It happened to me and my apprentice.

Why I Created This Course

My cold calling course was originally intended for my staff to help bring in new leads to my digital marketing agency but I soon realised that others could benefit from these skills because it works.

This is why this Cold Calling Course has been an important project of mine for quite some time because I went through so much struggle and pain to get to the stage where I enjoy cold calling.

I want to help short cut your learning with a laid out plan. I wish someone gave me this opportunity when I first started cold calling.

This course is different because it breaks down all the components of being a Cold Calling Prospector from your "why?", mindset, sales process, techniques, working attitude and more

There's no other training system out there on the market the links it all together under Cold Calling. I have trained my apprentice to Cold Call for me and close so deals so there's no doubt in my mind this won't work.

Let Me Show You How The Cold Calling Course Is Laid Out And How You're Going To Transform Your Cold Calling Skills In A Matter Of Weeks.

Join Now for Only $147

Here`s what you`ll get when you enroll today:

  • How to make better cold calls in a world where everyone is shouting "cold calling is dead" by understanding social skills
  • Proven methods and steps to become a sales hunter by understanding the sales process quickly and efficiently
  • Learn the absolute fastest way to get engagement when speaking to new prospects
  • Private access to our Facebook Group for accountability and coaching where you can access me directly for support
  • Ideas to improve your mindset to develop a better self image that will improve your cold calling game.
  • My proven and lighting fast way to get the information you want from decision maker or gatekeeper.
  • Simple method to always know where you stand on a cold call by following a sales framework
  • Free unlimited updates to the program as it evolves and develops further and more

Access 24/7 via


The modules are broken in to 5 sections and follows a sequential framework that will take you from point A to Z. This will give you a solid foundation to being selling.

6 hours of solid training for you to become a cold calling superstar!

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • A brief intro on why I started cold calling and how I got great at it
  • Why cold call when you have web 2.0
  • Explain ideas about cold calling and why you shouldn't place limitations
  • You're valuable to the world
  • How to view yourself differently and to motivate yourself and self worth
  • Getting into the zone
  • How to prepare mentally when making cold calls with zero experience
  • Becoming a sales hunter
  • Are you an order taker or a hunter. Cold callers hunt. Can you?

Module 2

  • Sales Process Cycle
  • When you learn this, you'll know where you stand in a sales situation
  • What needs to happen before a prospect can be sold
  • Getting Engagement
  • Learn how to initiate this to gain trust and to have real conversations

Module 3

  • Working With Gatekeepers
  • How to approach the gatekeeper to find your information
  • Engaging The Decision Maker
  • Learn ways to strike a conversation / pitch with decision maker
  • Rebuttals
  • What to say when you're getting rejected on initial contact and why
  • Qualifying
  • Learn the most important step to setting up the close to gain a client
  • How To Sell
  • Implement different ways to sell, educate, teach your solution
  • Closing & Handling Objections
  • How to close a prospect and ideas to get over the finishing line
  • Follow Up Strategies
  • Ways to stay in contact with the prospect for top of mind awareness

Module 4

  • Cold Calling Tips - Part 1
  • Develop a framework for approaching clients and more
  • Cold Calling Tips - Part 2
  • Develop the correct attitude for cold calling for success and more
  • Software Tools - Coming Soon
  • Tools to help you prospect faster and know your numbers

Enrol Today for Only $147

Bonuses You'll Receive When You Enrol Today...

1 on 1 coaching - 2hrs

You'll learn so much faster with our 1 on 1 coaching calls for 2hrs. Short cut the learning process and gain my experience. VALUE $300

6 month email support

You can email for the next 3 months while you get better at cold calling. Tell me your problems / question / and I can guide. VALUE $500

Private Students FB Group

You'll have access to a private Facebook groups where we can share cold prospecting ideas of what is currently working. PRICELESS

Lifetime Updates

You'll get lifetime updates to the course material to help you learn the the art of cold calling which includes video and pdf's. PRICELESS

Work Sheet

These will help expand on ideas so you can discover more about the process and how you can develop your own style. VALUE $500


Important checklists to help you get ready for the day. This will setup your day for success. Like a pilot, you'll need this as well. VALUE $100

Script Templates

These scripts will help you speak and talk like a professional. Prospects will soon realise they're speaking to an expert. VALUE $1,000

Audio MP3 Version

Listen on the go or in your car. The audio version when listened to many times will help internalise what you're going to become. VALUE $250

Total Bonus Value at $2,650 But You Can Enrol and Gain Lifetime Access To the Course and Bonuses for Only $147 Today

Don`t take my word for it, here`s what my student had to say: -

Ben Edwards

When I first started working with Michael, I couldn't make a single cold call. After training and going through the course, I soon was able to prospect into cold accounts and close deals. I opened 7 new accounts with my new skills. Cold calling has helped me open so many doors. I'm unstoppable now.

Account Manager, Clickwork7

And I Haven`t Told You The Best Part!

When you enrol on my Cold Calling Course I'm committed to your success!

In fact I'm so confident my training will help you reach your goals that if you don`t achieve cold calling mastery within 60 days then I`ll offer you a complete refund!

That`s right! I'm so confident you`ll achieve your goals, I`ve included an ironclad, money-back guarantee!

Just send me a quick email, and I`ll refund the entire purchase with no hassle or delay. AND we`ll even let you keep the Course.

This insanely low price will only last until I've gotten 6 solid testimonials, and then the price goes up. Enrol today now while I'm still developing the marketing material. The course content is now ready for you.

It`s only $147 and you'll get immediate course access right away. This course is easily worth north of $997 because what you'll learn will open so many doors to success

Can you imagine what it will be like when you can successfully Cold Call with pure confidence, gain clients and make money?

If you want that to be your reality and I can guarantee it.

If you follow the training, then enrol on my Cold Calling Course today and experience what it feel's like to close deals over the phone like Jordan Belfort from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

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